Mission Statement

WES is the Dutch abbreviation for ‘Task Force European Affairs’. It is an initiative of the LOVAH (The Dutch National association of GP trainees). WES was initially founded as a Dutch organisation supporting the European Vasco da Gama Movement, the WONCA European Working Group for Young and Future General Practitioners.

WES dedicates itself to the exchange and integration of the various areas of General Practice in international context. This work is done by GP Trainees of The Netherlands in cooperation with GP trainees of other countries by way of the following activities:

1. Participation in international congresses and symposia

2. Exchange programmes on:
– Vocational training
– Primary health care
– Research
– Protection of interests of GP trainees

In order to achieve these goals, WES members are closely involved with the Vasco da Gama Movement for exchange and integration.

Through combined efforts and learning from our neighbours, we hope to bring the quality of vocational training and General Practice in Europe to a higher level.